Greg Grimes

Greg was a founding member and the inaugural President of the Society of Lake Management Professionals in 2015.  He again resumed the presidency for 2018, signaling his enduring commitment to the organization's growth and its far-reaching industry impacts. His return to the board reflects an excitement about the Society's contributions to the flourishing landscape of private lake management.


A seasoned fisherman from a young age, Greg initiated his lake management career in 1991 during his undergraduate studies in biology.  Joining a lake management company, his thirst for knowledge propelled him to pursue a master’s degree in Fisheries from the University of Georgia in 1998. Greg founded Aquatic Environmental Services, Inc (AES) in 1996, where his entrepreneurial spirit became a driving force in advancing the industry.


Currently overseeing client and vendor relations while contributing to the company's growth, Greg has shifted away from the day-to-day operations. He still gets to spend a few days each year on the electrofishing boat, maintaining a hands-on approach to his passion. His primary focus lies in consulting projects nationwide, guiding clients to make informed decisions and fulfill their fishery aspirations, emphasizing the importance of starting right for a child's first fish or a bass exceeding 8 lbs. within three years.


With a rich portfolio of pond management articles, fishery seminars, and extensive work on ponds and lakes across 22 states and Mexico in his 30-year career, Greg is recognized as a leading expert in private fishery management. His dedication to innovation is evident in his constant pursuit of new methods for cultivating larger fish.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Greg cherishes his spare time with his two boys, savoring God’s creation. His multifaceted contributions and unwavering passion underscore his lasting impact on the private fishery management field.

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