Any Professional Lake and Pond Management Company who is interested in the advancement of the society and its goals, and is willing to meet or exceed the Society’s established Professional Code of Ethics and Conduct (see Article XVI). These members will meet the accreditation criteria set forth by the board of directors and can be any privately held lake and pond management company.

SLMP is looking for the following in an Accredited Member Company:


  • A copy of your business license or other documents required to establish your legal status.
  • Description of your professional lake, pond, and fisheries management education and/or experience (may include resumes, degrees, certifications, experience, and/or summary of the qualifications of the owner or designated employee responsible for the oversight of all of the lake, pond, and fisheries management services you offer).
  • Description of business activities/services performed and/or products sold while in business.
  • Certifications/registration/licenses/permits to perform the activities/services offered.
  • Certificate of Insurance showing all policies and coverages; proof of General Liability, Vehicle & Equipment, and Workers Compensation.
  • Adherence to SLMP’s Professional Code of Ethics and Conduct.