Ethan Edge

Ethan Edge is the owner of Edge’s Pond Management, an aquatic weed control company that also offers pond liming and water quality testing. It is a sister company to Edge’s Aquatic Services (founded by his dad), which is a fish farm and pond/fisheries management company located in Soperton, GA. Ethan has been involved in all things pond and fish related his entire life, and spent most of his free time growing up helping out on his family’s fish farm. Ethan holds a Biology degree from East Georgia College, and after graduating, took over and bought the weed control portion of his Dad’s business. He has worked hard over the years to turn it into the valued company it is today. Ethan works on ponds and lakes all over the state of Georgia, as well as some in South Carolina and Florida, and is widely respected in the pond management industry. Along with serving as a board member for SLMP, he is also a board member for his county Farm Bureau, and serves as a member of the Georgia Aquaculture Association. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and little girl, as well as hunting and fishing.

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