Troy Goldsby


Troy Goldsby joined Aqua Services, Inc. in 1999. Troy’s Dad, Terry Goldsby, founded Aqua Services in 1982 after working for the TVA and the state of Florida. With a Masters degree in aquatic botany, Terry founded Aqua Services primarily as an aquatic plant control company. Even though Aqua Services is widely regarded as one of the best, and largest, aquatic plant control companies in the world, Aqua Services is also widely respected as a great fisheries management company as well. Along with Terry, his brother Bryan, and several great employees, Troy has worked diligently to push Aqua Services to the forefront of the industry. Working for thousands of private clients, government agencies, power entities, international governments, and currently utilizing 20 airboats and multiple service boats and vehicles, Aqua Services is leading the way in the aquatics industry. Known for practicing sound science and helping to push the industry and science forward, Aqua Services continually strives to meet the highest standards in the profession. Troy is an avid outdoorsman, and when not working, or on the computer (which seems to be rare these days), he can be found hunting or fishing with his kids. Along with his wonderful wife Noelle, of 20 years, easy country life is what he enjoys most. Troy has served on the board and president of the Society of Lake Management Professionals, The Midsouth Aquatic Plant Management Society, the Alabama Fisheries Association, and the Tennessee Vegetation Management Association. Troy is looking forward to another 18 years in the industry with Aqua Services, working to provide clients with the most cutting edge fisheries and aquatic plant management techniques. He is also very excited about Aqua Services being a founding, accredited member of SLMP, and how this society can improve this industry in a profound and lasting fashion.

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