Greg Grimes

Past President

A lifetime fisherman, Greg began his lake management career in 1991 while an undergraduate in biology. He went on join a lake management company where the desire for more knowledge led him to obtain a Masters in Fisheries from the University of Georgia in 1998. Greg founded Aquatic Environmental Services, Inc (AES) in 1996. Time has flown and it does not seem like he has been working on ponds for 25 years now. Greg oversees the day to day operations of the company with the main focus in the Fishery Management Division. He travels the eastern half of the U.S. helping clients in their quest for the fish of their dreams. Many days are spent in the office, but he finds some time to be on the shockboat. Most days in field, you will find Greg designing and laying out a lake for our clients. Greg has written numerous pond management articles, conducted fishery seminars and worked on literally thousands of ponds and lakes. Greg can tackle most fishery issues but realizes lakes are a dynamic ever changing environment that requires innovative steps to meet tomorrow’s goals. His spare time these days are spent with his family, spending time with his two boys in the great outdoors.

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