2018 Scholarship Winner – Dalton Sink

2018 Scholarship Winner – Dalton Sink

SLMP was proud to present Dalton Sink the 2018 SLMP Scholarship at our Annual Summit on January 25, 2018.  Dalton is currently a Graduate Student at the University of Michigan-Flint.  He is also an Aquatic Biologist for Aquatic-Weed Control.  Dalton gave a fantastic presentation on the interaction between microbes and algae.  Feel free to click below to view his presentation.   We encourage interested students to apply for our 2019 SLMP Scholarship by clicking on the following link.  (http://lakeprofessionals.org/scholarship-form/).   Congratulations again to Dalton Sink!


Augmentation:  A  first  look  at  the  interaction

Dalton Sink – Bio-Augmentation – 1st look at the interaction between microbes & algae


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